Some Personal Information

This is me after 35 years at Wichita State University (now in my 51st year). I came to Wichita State University (then known as The University of Wichita) in the fall of 1962. My original intent was to stay for one year then work my way back to my home state of California, in particular, the northern area. Instead I remained here and for over 40 of my 51 years here I had served as Associate Chair in addition to my teaching duties.

I am married and have a son in Michigan (with a wife, son and daughter), a daughter in Minnesota (with a husband and two daughters) and a step-son (with a wife and daughter) here in the Wichita area.

I have enjoyed my time here at WSU. I have had the opportunity to meet many outstanding students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The growth of the department has been fun to participate in and watch. In 1962 the department was struggling with a very weak undergraduate program and an inadequate graduate program which offered the MS and MA degrees. The department changed swiftly and dramatically in the 60's and entered the 70's with a strong undergraduate program and a very good masters level program. The mid to late 80's brought a PhD program and many fine graduate students. I have also had the opportunity to meet and work with some outstanding faculty members. We have some faculty in mathematics and statistics who have very strong international reputations.

It has been great fun watching the growth of the department and being able to participate in that growth.

My interests in mathematics include geometry, the history of mathematics, number theory and applications of mathematics to genetics. I enjoy messing around with computers and often wonder if I would have ever graduated if computers were available when I was an undergraduate.

In the late 1960s, I wrote a book on Finite Mathematics. It was done the old fashioned way with pad of paper, pencil and typewriter. Now I do all my writing on the computer using the LaTeX document preparing system, which makes writing much easier.

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