I have an interest in the mathematics and physics of quantum field theory, the theory underlying the standard model of particle physics. Here are brief syllabii of related courses I have taught:

Spring 2001, Math 854 Tensor Analysis with Applications

Fall 2002, Math 714 Applied Mathematics

Spring 2003, Physics 701B Elementary Particles

Fall 2004, Math 82C/9Physics 701C The Geometry of Phyiscs

Fall 2005-Spring 2006, Math 941-942, Applied Functional Analysis I and II. The main text for this course was "Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics, Vol. I, Functional Analysis", by M. Reed and B. Simon. This course provides background both for students of mathematical analysis and for anyone interested in the mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics. Later volumes in this four volume set discuss, e.g., the mathematical foundations of quantum field theory and scattering theory, including Haag-Ruelle scattering for quantum field theory.

Spring 2007, Physics 701B Elementary Particles. Here is an ambitious syllabus I put together for the course. What actually happened, with the consent of the students, was an brief introduction to quantum field theory, including the Dirac equation for Bjorken and Drell, v.1,, many details of canonical quantization and Feynman diagrams for \phi^4 theory from the books by Peskin and Schroeder and Maggiore, and finally some Feynman rules for QED from Griffith's book; see the references on page 2