Math 854 - Tensor Analysis with Applications, Spring 2008, Tues. Thurs., 7:05-8:20 PM, Jabara Hall Room 372.

The course will develop tensors in the context of selected applications, such as continuum mechanics, shell theory, electromagnetism, and general relativity. Which applications will be emphasized will be decided upon at the start of class according to the interests of the students (and the instructor). I have ordered a few copies of two books for the bookstore. So far, they are optional. The books are "Vectors and Tensors in Engineering and Physics, second edition" by D. A. Danielson and "Tensors, Relativity, and Cosmology" by M and N Dalarsson. (You can see the tables of contents of these books on Also, portions of the out-of-print book by W. Flugge "Tensor Analysis and Continuum Mechanics" may be handed out and followed in class. Here is a brief syllabus from a previous version of the course in 2001 which contains some additional references: Math 854 Spring 2001