Math 553 - Mathematical Models, Fall 2013, Tues. Thurs., 4:00-5:15, Jabara Hall Room 372.

The text is "Mathematics and Climate", SIAM (due Sept/Oct 2013), by Hans Kaper and Hans Engler.

Here is a pdf file of a syllabus Math 553 Fall 2013

Here are some additional links that may be of interest:

IPCC web site

MSRI web site-note downloadable book on "Mathematics of Climate Change". commentary site on climate science.

The Mathematics of Climate Change seminar at U. of Minnesota, contains some links to talks and old papers.

Some simple MATLAB mfiles of my own and from the book "Topics in Mathematical Modeling" by K. K. Tung and C. Moler "Numerical Computing with MATLAB" are available here.