The Workers - Summer 1999.

Below is the list of people who worked on this project in the Summer of 1999 and links to their projects.

Stacia Ann Anderson (SU-99)  - Evarist Galois
   - Babylonian Mathematics

Courtney Kaye Ast (SU-99)  - Eratosthenes
   - Prime Numbers

Nancy Jane Ayers (SU-99)  - Ada Byron Lovelace
   - Calculators in the Classroom
   -  Best Fit Activity

Steven Francis Bixler (SU-99)  - Johannes Keppler
   - The Mobius Strip
   - A Mobius Strip Activity

Lanetta Janene Burdette (SU-99)  - Rene Descartes
   - Art and Geometry

Alayna Renee Cobb (SU-99)  - Euclid
   - Fibonacci Numbers

Sara Collins (SU-99)  - George Boole
   - The Abacus

Carol Jane Conrad (SU-99)  - Sophie Germain
   - Ideal and Irational Numbers
   - Graphing Irrational Numbers Activity

Cristina Renee Edelman (SU-99)  - Maria Agnesi
   - Pascal's Triangle

Charlene Evans (SU-99)  - Pierre de Fermat
   - Fermat's Last Theorem
   - Fermat's Enigma and Pythagorean Triples Activity

Jennifer E Garretson (SU-99)  - Caroline Herschel
   - Algebra in Nature
   - Nature's Pentagrams Activity

Lloyd C Holt (SU-99)  - Archimedes
   - The Egyptian Number System
   - Animals and Numbers
   - Archimedes Principle Activity

David Adams Leib (SU-99)  - Grace Hopper
   - The Nature of (Pi)
   - The Magic Circle Activity

James A Means (SU-99)  - Fibonacci
   - The Golden Ratio
   - The Golden Ratio Activity

Mikelle Marie Mercer (SU-99)  - Hypatia
   - The Mayan Number System

DeAnn Rae Nelson (SU-99)  - Florence Nightingale
   - Statistics in the Real World

Christopher C Pinaire (SU-99)  - Isaac Newton
   - Egyptian Arithmetic

Andrea Elizabeth Reynolds (SU-99)  - Sonya Kovalevsky
   - Square Numbers
   - Square Numbers Activity

Lucrecia Tenise Scott (SU-99)  - Charlotte Scott
   - The Metric System

Kristen Carol Shelton (SU-99)  - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
   - Perfect Numbers
   - Perfect Numbers Activity

Audrey Joy Smalley (SU-99)  - Blaise Pascal
   - Fractions of Ancient Egypt
   - Pascal's Triangle Activity

Damian Louis Smithhisler (SU-99)  - Robert Recorde
   - Amicable Numbers

Erik L Sorum (SU-99)  - Niels Abel
   - The Greek Number System

Steven Parker Tuck (SU-99)  - Charles Babbage
   - Quipu-An Inca Counting System
   - Quipu Activity

Karolee Holladay Weller (SU-99)  - Carl Friedrich Gauss
   - A History of Algebra Symbols
   - The Problem of the Full Parking Lot