Venery in Academe

a partial list

The student body
a failing of pupils
a dilation of students
a pallor of night students
a drowse of underachievers
a leap of overachievers
a plenitude of freshmen
a platitude of sophomores
a gratitude of juniors
an attitude of seniors
a fortitude of graduate students
an unemployment of graduates
an avunculus of alumni

The faculty
an example of masters
a drift of lecturers
a brood of researchers
a discord of experts
a brow of scholars
a clamber of assistant professors
a tenure of associate professors
an entrenchment of full professors
an ex cathedra of professors emeriti

The administration
a slumber of old guard
a prudence of deans
an execution of officers
a singular of presidents
a bored of trustees

The disciplines
a column of accountants
a galaxy of astronomers
a family of biologists
a colloid of chemists
a recession of economists
an ohm of electricians
a tabula rasa of empiricists
a conglomerate of geologists
a conjunction of grammarians
a slant of journalists
a shush of librarians
a shower of meteorologists
a wrangle of philosophers
a nucleus of physicists
an iamb of poets
an odium of politicians
a complex of psychologists
a sample of statisticians
a load of writers

Mostly taken from
An Exaltation of Larks
by J. Lipton.

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