Warpstock Europe 2019, 18--19 May, Utrecht NE
Warpstock Europe 2019
18--19 May, Utrecht NE
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Warpstock 2019
8--10 November, Orlando FL
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Some things about me

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Fall '11 department mug shot

Fall '11

A bit of my history

Download a PDF file of my CV.

When you asked me how I was doing,
Was that some kind of joke?             
---B. Dylan, Desolation Row

...related miscellanea

Bit by Bit

Say "Bye, bye" to freedom.

Cartoon physics

Laws and amendments.

Castellano humor

Download a PostScript file of ¿Por qué cruzó el pollo la carretera? or un Webario.
How do Mexican university students feel about graduating?

Concise Model of the University

Bryan Pfaffenberger's formal description of a university. In units of high esteem, people obtain money or study money. As these Units move through time, their dynamics are described by the Processual Model, which consists of two social dramas: the Witch Hunt, and the Purge.


A hazardous chemical , a dangerous food , and a deadly treat .


Kansas tries to set new standards -- again. Some unevolved entities support this. As usual, the media neglect the public interest.

Free Speech?

Fundamentalism for real

Anointed in Kansas.


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Kansas again....

Junk Science

There's a lot more trash than just creationism (or "intelligent design") out there.


First, there's a block containing most of the preamble I use for writing articles. Then a copy of my style file for formatting proofs and for setting definitions, remarks, and examples upright. You can also get some files giving examples for using XYpic. There is a two-part article from the PracTeX Journal in PDF (part 1, part 2) and another in PostScript (meaning you'll almost surely have to print it to see it clearly). There are also PDFs of H. Voss's Mathmode, the ultimate reference for using mathmode in LaTeX, and the free survey of math fonts. The latest versions of these last two are always on CTAN.

Math and Religion

About the relationship to superior beings.

Mathematical humor

The collection of the Cherkaevs at Utah (link ).

MS 'n' Oz

Not in Kansas, now or ever.

PC Warning

Warning labels that should be required but aren't (yet).

Universitas Magistrorum et Scholarium

Thoughts on the contemporary university.


Collective nouns in academe.

Should we force science down the throats of those
who have no taste for it? Is it our duty to drag
them kicking and screaming into the 21st century?
I am afraid that it is.
---George Porter

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