The Place of Anti-Evolutionism in the University

The word "theory" is used differently in scientific and ordinary discourse. In scientific discourse evolution is a theory. In ordinary discourse evolution is a fact.

Creationists and other anti-evolutionists deliberately confuse the two discourses in order purposefully to mislead their audience. With malice aforethought, they willfully misconstrue, misinterpret, misrepresent, and falsify information whenever convenient to their Holy Cause. They are intellectually unethical, immoral, dishonest demagogues whose sole purpose is the subversion of the political process in order to promote greater ignorance in the general public, but especially in children. Their greatest fear is that children will learn to think rationally and reason critically before they have been sufficiently brainwashed so as to provide lifelong, unthinking support to creationists and their malignant ilk.

The only place in an honest university in which they should be found is among the exhibits of psychological pathologies.

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