Math 725    CRN 15648

Topology I

Dr. Phillip E. Parker

Office: 330 JB
Office hours: 10:30--11:00, 12:30--1:00, 2:30--3:00 MWF and by appointment
Phone: 978-3955 (home 942-7694 afternoons and evenings before midnight)
Email: [no HTML email]

Text: An Introduction to Topology and Homotopy  by Allan J. Sieradski.
Note: This book is out of print and loose paper copies will be provided.
Coverage: Chapts.1, 4--8.

Grading: There will be no in-class, closed-book exams. Your grade will be based on written assignments, often proofs selected from the recommended exercises. They may be weekly (or more or less frequently) and may (or may not) include one or more major assignments. In addition to the usual mathematical (and logical!) content, you will also be graded on grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, style, clarity, etc.; in other words, your grade will depend on all the elements of effective written communication of mathematics.

You may not yet have much experience in writing this way. Thus it may be necessary for you to rewrite a submission (perhaps even more than once) before it is acceptable and can be assigned a grade. You should wind up with A or B on each assignment; but rewrites of unacceptable submissions will have to be done simultaneously with new assignments --- if this becomes too burdensome, you might opt to settle for less on a long-delayed assignment just to get rid of it. Note that the standards for a given grade will rise somewhat throughout the semester, and more markedly on successive rewrites. As the semester progresses, rewriting should become progressively less necessary.

In order that all can see clearly just what I am talking about when discussing written work, I may occasionally make a transparency of all or parts of a submission for general commentary via  an overhead projector. All possible individual identification will be removed from the transparency. By submitting an assignment, you implicitly agree to allow me to use any of it in this way if I wish.

Attendance is assumed and excessive absences will  adversely affect your course grade.

A late paper will be accepted ONLY in case of a bona fide  emergency beyond your control. If it is at all physically possible, I must be notified before class on the day on which it is due. Subsequently, you must provide suitable documentation before receiving a grade on the late assignment.

As required by WSU Procedures and Policy 2.18.3.f.

Success [a grade of "C" or better] in this 3 credit-hour course is based on the expectation that a student will spend a minimum of 9 hours per week (normally 3 hours per credit hour per week with 1 of the hours used for lecture) for instruction and preparation/studying, for a total of at least 135 hours over the length of the course.

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