Math 531      CRN 12879

Introduction to the History of Mathematics

Dr. Phillip E. Parker

Office: 330 JB
Office hours: 10:30--11:00, 12:30--1:00, 2:30--3:00 MWF and by appointment
Phone: 978-3955 (home 942-7694 after noon and before midnight)
Email: [no HTML email]

Texts: Journey Through Genius  by W. Dunham, and History of Mathematics  by D. Burton.
Coverage: all of the first book and most of the second.

Continuing activity: Locating and reviewing relevant sources on the Internet. For most of you, this probably means complete sites on the Web. There are some off my Teaching page, with some reviews by previous classes, to help you get started. For grading, this counts as class participation. Submit reviews by email. Use no proprietary formats (e.g., *.doc) — plain text (7-bit ASCII) only, but you may include HTML 4.01 character entities (by name only). You should plan on doing about four complete sites with the submissions spread throughout the semester.

Grading: There will be no in-class, closed-book exams. Your grades will be determined on the basis of class participation and two research papers. One will be due approximately at mid-semester and the other on the last day of classes. These must be prepared with a suitable word-processing program, the professional one being LA TEX.

Since class participation is an important part of your grade, unexcused absences will  have a detrimental effect on your course grade.

The reserved final period is Mon 13 Dec at 10:00am. We shall use this period for the paper exchange for those participating, and for any last discussion.

Late papers will be accepted ONLY in case of a bona fide emergency beyond your control. If it is at all physically possible, I must be notified before class on the day on which it is due. Subsequently, you must provide suitable documentation before the late paper can be accepted.

As required by WSU Procedures and Policy 2.18.3.f.

Success [a grade of "C" or better] in this 3 credit-hour course is based on the expectation that a student will spend a minimum of 9 hours per week (normally 3 hours per credit hour per week with 1 of the hours used for lecture) for instruction and preparation/studying, for a total of at least 135 hours over the length of the course.

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