Math 511 CRN 24399

Linear Algebra

Dr. Phillip E. Parker

Office: 330 JB
Office hours: 10:30--11:00, 12:30--1:00, 2:30--3:00 MWF and by appointment
Phone: 978-3955 (home 942-7694 evenings before midnight)
Email: [no HTML email]

Text: Linear Algebra with Applications, 8th ed. by S. J. Leon.

Coverage: Chapters 1--6, omitting 2.3, 5.7 and 6.5--8, rather lightly through 5.3 and 6.2, at one section per day initially, a bit slower in Chapters 5 and 6; viz. II.A on p. xi of the text.

Grading: There will be five in-class, closed-book exams: four "hour tests" (15% each) and a comprehensive final (40%). The hour tests will be on or about 11 September (Chapts. 1--2), 9 October (Chapt. 3), 30 October (Chapts. 4 & part of 5), and 23 November (rest of Chapt. 5 & part of 6). The comprehensive final exam will be on 11 May at 10:00 am in the usual classroom (336 JB). Cut percentages for letter grades are 90, 80, 60, and 50; they may be lowered at the instructor's discretion. Each hour test will count about 15% and the final about 40% of the semester's grade. (The possibility of pop quizzes makes these approximate.)

Attendance is assumed and excessive absences will adversely affect your course grade. Homework should be completed before the next class, at which time I shall take questions on it.

You may take an hour test early for any reason merely by requesting it well in advance. Make-up (late) tests will be possible ONLY in case of a bona fide emergency beyond your control. If it is at all physically possible, I must be notified before class time on the day on which it is to be given. Subsequently, you must provide suitable documentation before being allowed to schedule a make-up test.

As required by WSU Procedures and Policy 2.18.3.f.

Success [a grade of "C" or better] in this 3 credit-hour course is based on the expectation that a student will spend a minimum of 9 hours per week (normally 3 hours per credit hour per week with 1 of the hours used for lecture) for instruction and preparation/studying, for a total of at least 135 hours over the length of the course.

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