PhD students at WSU

(Thesis Title and Graduation Year)

M. Entekhabi
"Increasing Stability for the Inverse Scattering Source Problem with many Frequencies", 2018.

L. Li
"Increasing Stability in the Inverse Problem for the Schroedinger Equation", 2015.

D. Aralumallige Subbarayappa, "Stability of Continuation and Obstacles Problems in Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering", 2010.

N. Kim, "Carleman Estimates for the general second order Operators and Applications to Elasticity System with Residual Stress", 2010.

J. Myers, "Inverse Doping Profile Problem ", 2009.

N. Valdivia, "Inverse problems in scattering and acoustics", 2002.

I. Bouchouev, "Inverse Parabolic Problems with Applications to Option Pricing", 1997.

M. Eller, "Uniqueness of Continuation Theorems", 1997.

A. Elayyan, "Some Inverse Problems in Parabolic Partial Differential Equations", 1996.

A. Sever, "On the Inverse Conductivity Problem", 1995

J. Powell, "Some Inverse Boundary Value Problems", 1991