Credit by Exam, Math and Stat


1. Read the rules for credit-by-exam in Mathematics and Statitics courses.

2. Print this form.

3. Complete, sign and date the form.

4. Obtain my signature by either (a) contacting me through email to set an appointment, or (b) asking one of the math secretaries to put the form in my mailbox and later getting the signed form from the secretary.

5. Submit the signed form to the Testing Center (Grace Wilkie Hall, 3rd floor), and make an appointment there to take the exam in the period from the fourth to the eighth business day after the day when I sign the form. You will pay a certain fee at the Testing Center.

6. Take the exam at the set date and time.

7. Contact the Testing Center six business days after the test to find out the result of the exam.


1. All credit-by-exam tests last 120 minutes, unless otherwise indicated.

2. All credit-by-exam tests are closed-book tests, unless otherwise indicated.

3. In addition to pencils and pens, the testee can use only scratch paper and a common scientific calculator that does not have graphical functions and cannot store formulas, unless otherwise indicated.

4. No information about the professor who prepares the test will be given.