Tianshi Lu

Tiashi Lu, Assistant Professor

Numerical Analysis, PhD; Stoney Brook Univeristy, 2005



Kansas NSF EPSCoR First Award (2010-2011)

PhD. Student

Patrick Rinker (current)

Fields of Interest

High performance computing, MHD, free surface/multiphase CFD, with applications in bubbly flows, phase transitions, interfacial instability, shock waves and plasma/tokamak physics.
Efficient numerical schemes for hyperbolic systems and electromagnetic waves, front tracking Quantum computing, adiabatic rapid passage.

Selected Publications

  • P.B. Parks, T.Lu, R. Samulyak, Charging and ExB Rotation of Ablation clouds Surrounding Refueling Pellets in Hot Fusion Plasmas, Physics of Plasmas 16, 060705 (2009)
  • T.Lu, J. Du, R. Samulyak. A Numerical Algorithm for Magnetohydrodynamics of Ablated Materials. J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 8, 3674-3685 (2008)
  • T. Lu, Z.L. Xu, J. Glimm, R. Samulyak, X.M. Ji. Dynamic Phase Boundaries for compressible Fluids. SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 30, 895-915 (2008).
  • R. Samulyak, T. Lu, P. Parks, J. Glimm, X. Li. Simulation of Pellet Ablation for Tokamak Fueling with ITAPS Front Tracking . Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 125, 012081 (2008).
  • T. Lu, X. Miao, H. Metcalf. Nonadiabatic Transitions in Finite-Time Adiabatic Rapid Passage. Phys. Rev. A 75, 063422 (2007).
  • T. Lu, R. Samulyak, J. Glimm. Direct Numericqal Simulations of Bubbly Flows and Application to Cavitation Mitigation. J. Fluids Eng. 129, 595-604 (2007).