Xiaomi Hu

Xiaomi Hu, Associate Professor

Probability Theory & Statistics; PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1993



Dr. Xiaomi Hu's research interest lies in three areas of statistics: restricted statistical inferences, quality control and statistical computing. Bound restriction and order restriction are most commonly encountered constraints when making inferences. Dr. Hu worked on several problems on the properties of statistical procedures under such restrictions. He also studied several problems related to reliability and stochastiendamathcal processes. Recently he became interested in using new computing tools such as Java applets, VBA for statistical computing. He is currently serving as a statistician on NASA funded projects at the National Center of Advanced Material Performance.

Selected Publications

  • Xiaomi Hu (2009), p-values of a test on homogeneous means in a multivariate isotonic regression, Statistics & Probability Letter, 79 (19) 2005-2011
  • Xiaomi Hu and Jurgen Hansohm (2008), Merge and chop in the computation for isotonic regression, The Journal of Statistical Planning and inference, 138 3099-3106
  • Xiaomi Hu (2008), A three-condition characterization of the Moore-Penrose generalized inverse, The American Statistician, 62 (3) 216-218
  • Xiaomi Hu (2007), Asymptotical distributions, parameters and coverage probabilities of tolerance limites, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 51(9) 4753-4760
  • Xiaomi Hu (2007), Multivariate analysis with out amath v e c endamath and amath \otimes endamath, The American Statistician, 61 (1) 64-66
  • Xiaomi Hu (2006), Unbiasedness on rays of the tests of locations of homogeneous mean in isotonic regression, Statistics & Probability Letters, 76 976-980