Prof. Bengt Fornberg

University of Colorado

"Radial Basis Functions - A future way to solve PDE's to spectral accuracy on irregular multidimensional domains?"

It was discovered about 30 years ago that expansions in Radial Basis Functions (RBFs) could be extremely accurate for interpolating data that is scattered in any number of spatial dimensions. Since furthermore the coding effort is small, and is independent of the number of dimensions, it is not surprising that RBFs have recently found extensive use in many applications. Their application as basis functions for the numerical solution of PDEs is fairly recent. In this seminar, we will discuss some properties of RBF approximations, including their particularly high accuracy in a limit that was previously thought to be impractical for computing. We will conclude by comparing an RBF approach with some other methods for solving Poisson's equation.

Friday, April 13, 2001
3:00 PM in 335 Jabara Hall

Please join us for refreshments before the lecture at 2:30p.m. in room 353 Jabara Hall.

[ Spring 2001]